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Website Rentals

Do you have a new start-up, want to proceed with caution, limited funds available or does it make more sense to rent your website and save on the once-off design cost?
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Reasons to rent a website

Professional Custom Design

There are many tools available to help you design your own website, but there are many important elements to webdesign, that makes a website effective as a tool for marketing your business and driving up sales.  

We will deliver a professional design that is customised for your business, that will integrate features like your company logo, the values your company represents and focus on building trust with your client base.  

Use of updated technology and features

Making use of Qubit Technologies will ensure that your website will be designed with the latest software technology and design trends in mind.  Customised forms, landing pages and other featured will meet design standards.

Your website will be made mobile friendly at no additional cost (a feature that many of our competitors charge extra for).  Chances are the majority of your website visitors will use mobile phones or tablet pc's and to view your website.  This shouldn't cost you extra. 

Additional Services

Designing a quality website is only part of the job.  Your website has to be promoted on search engines like google and yahoo.  Qubit Technologies do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation for all our new websites.  

Additionally we also do free directory listings and create at least 2 free social media accounts used to promote your website and drive views that will translate into sales to your website.  Qubit Technologies also offer additional social media marketing services.  

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